Newspaper companies are doing just fine, thanks. Journalists, not so much.


Toronto journalism nerds are flocking to a sold-out event this evening, provocatively titled “Yes, Genius, the Sky Is Falling. So Now What?” I have thus been provoked to pen… er, pixel this contrarian view.

The event features David Carr, media critic for the New York Times, who was a key figure in last year’s documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times. Here’s why they brought him in, according to the event’s web site:

“It’s clear that between evaporating business models and dispersing audiences that legacy media is on the run. Would it be better to blow it all up and start over or can the dinosaurs dance to a new soundtrack? David Carr, business columnist and culture reporter for the New York Times, examines the value of traditional media in a very cluttered, confusing age. In conversation with Michael Enright, host of CBC Radio One’s The Sunday Edition.”

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