The Victoria-Vancouver Island Newspaper Guild, Local 30223, (hereinafter referred to as the “Guild”) is committed to ensuring and protecting the privacy, accuracy and security of the personal information of its members that is collected to use in order to carry out the Guild’s duties as a trade union.

The Guild has developed this Privacy Policy and has appointed a Privacy Officer to meet the requirements of the British Columbia – Personal Information Protection Act. The purpose of the Act is to govern the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of personal information by organizations in a way that balances both the rights of individuals to protect their personal information and the need of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

The duties of the Privacy Officer are to ensure the Guild complies with the Privacy Policy and to respond to any complaints, questions or requests for access to personal information.

The Guild’s Privacy Policy will be posted on its website @ www.

What information is The Guild responsible for protecting?

The Guild is responsible for protecting personal information in its possession and personal information that may not be in the custody of the Guild but which has been transferred to a third party.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual.

The type of information The Guild generally collects and maintain in our files includes our members:


Mailing Address

Email Address

Phone, Fax, cell and/or pager numbers

Work History

Earnings, Health & Welfare information, Pension

Union Dues & Assessments Paid

Personal information is collected and used in order to carry out the activities of the Guild and will be used for the following purposes including:

  • representing our members in grievances, Arbitrations and Labour

Board hearings

  • assist the Guild in representing its members in collective bargaining
  • maintain a complete record of membership
  • maintain communication with members and respond to their enquiries
  • collect and manage union dues and assessments
  • administer benefit plans
  • provide Web Information services (e.g. Email Bulletins, convention &

conference registration)

  • verify eligibility for strike pay and benefits
  • organize new members


The Guild may disclose the information to third parties in connection with the above services when consent has been given or otherwise as required or permitted by law.

    Generally, the Guild does not disclose personal information except to:
  •     Its legal advisors or accountants
  •    To TNG Canada/CWA and or TNG – CWA in the United States
  •    To official representatives of your Employer

 Sources of Members’ Personal Information

  • Membership application
  • Grievance, Appeal or Claim documents
  • A member’s interaction with the Guild (e.g. telephone, Email, correspondence)
  • Employer


Protection of Personal Information

Security safeguards are implemented to prevent personal information from unauthorized use and access to ensure security and privacy of personal information.

How Do Members Access Their Personal Information

Requests should be in writing addressed to the Guild Privacy Officer

Address: 203 – 2610 Douglas Street

Victoria, B.C. V8T 4M1

as specifically as possible state what personal information you are requesting. Response to such requests will be within 30 days. If the Guild is unable to respond within this timeline, the member will be advised.

The Guild has the right to refuse such a request in certain situations including where:

    the information is protected by solicitor-client privilegethe disclosure could threaten the safety or health of an individual whether it be

the individual making the request or another person

    the disclosure would reveal personal information about another individualthe information is generated for the purposes of collective bargaining, a mediation/arbitration, Labour Relations Board Hearing or other administrative and or legal proceeding.


Filing a Complaint

Any complaint relating to this “Privacy Policy” or any of the procedures should be forwarded to the attention of The Guild Privacy Officer at the above address. If the complaint is justified, the Guild will take the necessary steps in an attempt to resolve the issue.

If the Guild is not able to resolve a complaint, the member may contact the “Office of the Provincial Privacy Commissioner” and the Guild Privacy Officer will provide this contact information, upon request.