To: Members of the Canadian Council
CLC Women’s Advisory Committee
RE: Report on results of National Survey on the Impact of Domestic Violence on
Workers and Workplaces

Sisters and Brothers,
Attached please find a copy of the report of our National Survey on the Impact of Domestic Violence. We are releasing the report to the media this morning at 10am at concurrent press conferences on Parliament Hill and Western University. We have also produced a promotional video which is available along with the report at
As we heard at Canadian Council, the results are quite powerful and represent an opportunity for us to redouble our efforts to ensure our workplaces are safe and workers receive the support they need. We have requested a meeting with Kellie Leitch and have asked her to consider holding a roundtable of employers, unions and government to discuss the survey results.
We have also included a list of key messages. Many unions and federations will be participating in December 6 events, and we encourage you to incorporate this messaging into your speeches, social media and member communications.
We will be working in the coming months to develop a list of promising practices on domestic violence in the workplace. We are aware of some great initiatives?in collective bargaining, member education and public awareness?but your locals may be doing things we are not aware of. We will put together a package of resources and educational materials and would like to point to specific success stories, so please share any materials or language with our women’s and human rights department at
Questions about the survey and next steps can be directed to Vicky Smallman, National Director, at
Thank you once again for your work promoting the survey.
In Solidarity,

Barbara Byers
Destinataires : Membres du Conseil canadien
Comité consultatif sur la condition féminine, CTC