Dear CWA Canada members,

Journalism is a pillar of democracy. If journalists feel threatened doing their jobs, important stories may go untold, and democracy is undermined.

In recent days, many Canadian journalists, including CWA Canada members, have been receiving vile sexist and racist comments and threats, often through social media. Women and people of colour, in particular, have been targeted.

This harassment and hate must not be tolerated. We are working with journalism groups, the labour movement, academics, and employers, on a strategy to stop the campaign of hate.

Please see the attached note on your legal options in the event that you receive any threats or harassment. It is your employer’s duty to help and support you. If you do not feel you are being properly protected our getting adequate support, including counselling or other services or resources, contact your Local president and the union will advocate on your behalf.

In solidarity,




Martin O’Hanlon
President, CWA Canada
The Media Union