This is a national election year for CWA Canada and the nomination period is now open for two senior leadership positions.

All members are eligible to run for office or nominate someone as a candidate for President and/or Vice-president, the posts currently held by Martin O’Hanlon and Lois Kirkup, respectively.

The deadline for submitting nominations is noon on Thursday, April 16.

If an election is required, a campaign and voting period of 35 days would immediately follow, during which each union Local can decide how it wants to conduct the vote.

Locals can opt to hold a vote in the workplace or have ballots sent directly to members who would then mail them to head office in Ottawa in a prepaid envelope.

The President of CWA Canada, which is a full-time paid position, and the Vice-president serve four-year terms.

The official election notice and nomination form are available on the CWA|SCA Canada website.


For more information, contact CWA|SCA Canada Election Committee member Scott Edmonds.



election notice


nomination form (bilingual)


Scott Edmonds