Statement by CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon on a judge ordering Radio-Canada journalist Marie-Maude Denis to reveal her sources

“It’s frustrating that this sort of thing continues to happen, especially with the passage of federal legislation last year recognizing the right of journalists to protect their sources.
The media is not, nor should it ever be, an arm of the state. As journalists, we must fight any attempt by anyone, especially authorities, to interfere with freedom of the press.
It is vital for free speech and democracy that journalists guard the anonymity of their sources. If not, sources, including whistleblowers, will be far less likely to talk to journalists knowing that they could be identified and punished. The result? Canadians will be blocked from important information and stories about matters of vital public interest.
As a media union, we will speak out loudly to protect freedom of expression and the role of a free press as a pillar of democracy.
And we will support taking this case to the Supreme Court if necessary.”