Jan. 10, 2019

Media union CWA Canada, which represents staff at several Postmedia newspapers, welcomes the announcement that Paul Godfrey is stepping down as CEO of Postmedia.

“It’s just a shame it didn’t happen years ago,” CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon said. “It is not hyperbole to say that Godfrey has been a disaster for the newspaper industry in this country.”

“Godfrey has presided over the destruction of a once-proud chain, laying off thousands of staff and leaving decimated newsrooms. It has been a nightmare for workers, bad for society, and damaging to our democracy.”

“Especially galling is the fact that Godfrey took a huge raise last year, to $5 million, and funnelled millions more to Postmedia’s vulture fund owners – while demanding that staff take concessions on pension and benefits. Unfortunately, there is no indication that new CEO Andrew MacLeod will be any different.”

For more information, contact:

Martin O’Hanlon

President, CWA Canada

The Media Union